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Are you planning to take the CHES exam? This is for you if you whether you have test anxiety or just need a little extra confidence. Learn practical tips and get a step-by-step study strategy to help you prepare for the Certified Health Education Specialist Exam by the National Commission of Health Education Credentialing. This will cover:

  • What study materials to use for success

  • Test taking tips to ace your exam with confidence

  • Creating a study plan that fits into your life

  • What to do 6 months, 3 months, 1 month and 1 week before the exam

Acing the CHES Exam

Back to School Bootcamp:
Adult Edition

Are you an adult going back to school after several years in the workforce? Congratulations! Maybe you just got accepted into a BSN, other bachelor’s or Master’s program. Some employers may require you to get a higher degree to keep your job. This is a skills-based training for Health Educators and Nurses who have been accepted into a program and want to prepare for a successful transition.

Getting to BSN and Beyond

This course is for RNs who are exploring different academic programs to advance their careers. You may be deciding between an RN-BSN program vs an RN-MSN program. Or you may already have a bachelor’s degree and want to choose a specialty such as Acute Care, Administration, Education, Gerontology or Pediatrics. You may want a non-traditional career and to pursue a different specialization outside nursing. This course will feature case studies of successful RNs who pursued different academic and career paths.

Trading your Scrubs for a Suit…and Everything in Between

This is for RNs with a BSN or higher who are looking to transition away from the bedside to pursue roles as a Coordinator, Educator, Navigator, Research Nurse, Infection Control Nurse, Quality Improvement Coach or other visible Leadership roles.

  • Mastering Email and Computer Skills like a pro

  • How to run successful Meetings

  • Delivering professional presentations

  • Office and professional etiquette

  • Dress like a boss